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17 color-theme-sanityinc-solarized.el
@@ -26,14 +26,21 @@
;; Here are two slightly subdued color themes that are easy on the eyes
;; and cover a reasonably complete set of faces.
-;; In Emacs versions without built-in theme support, ie. < 24,
-;; color-theme.el is required.
+;; The themes are designed for use with Emacs' built-in theme support
+;; in Emacs 24. However, they also work with older Emacs versions, in
+;; which case color-theme.el is required.
-;; Use:
+;; Usage:
-;; M-x color-theme-solarized-light
+;; If your Emacs has the `load-theme' command, you can use it to
+;; activate one of these themes programatically, or use
+;; `customize-themes' to select a theme interactively.
-;; M-x color-theme-solarized-dark
+;; Alternatively, or in older Emacs versions, use one of the provided
+;; wrapper commands to activate a theme:
+;; M-x color-theme-solarized-light
+;; M-x color-theme-solarized-dark
;;; Credit:

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