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Extend org faces

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1 parent c60cc99 commit a106366bc1e8d902ef596eca937f5c2478137f23 @purcell committed Nov 13, 2012
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  1. +5 −1 color-theme-sanityinc-solarized.el
6 color-theme-sanityinc-solarized.el
@@ -318,19 +318,23 @@ names to which it refers are bound."
;; Stop outline-3 from inheriting font-lock-keyword-face, which we've made bold
(outline-3 ((,class (:inherit nil :foreground ,green))))
- (org-date ((,class (:foreground ,blue :underline t))))
(org-agenda-structure ((,class (:foreground ,violet))))
(org-agenda-date ((,class (:foreground ,blue :underline nil))))
(org-agenda-done ((,class (:foreground ,green))))
(org-agenda-dimmed-todo-face ((,class (:foreground ,faint))))
(org-block ((,class (:foreground ,orange))))
(org-code ((,class (:foreground ,yellow))))
(org-column ((,class (:background ,alt-background))))
+ (org-column-title ((,class (:inherit org-column :weight bold :underline t))))
+ (org-date ((,class (:foreground ,blue :underline t))))
(org-document-info ((,class (:foreground ,cyan))))
(org-document-info-keyword ((,class (:foreground ,green))))
(org-document-title ((,class (:weight bold :foreground ,yellow :height 1.44))))
(org-done ((,class (:foreground ,green))))
+ (org-ellipsis ((,class (:foreground ,faint))))
+ (org-footnote ((,class (:foreground ,cyan))))
(org-formula ((,class (:foreground ,orange))))
+ (org-hide ((,class (:foreground ,background :background ,background))))
(org-link ((,class (:foreground ,blue :underline t))))
(org-scheduled ((,class (:foreground ,green))))
(org-scheduled-previously ((,class (:foreground ,yellow))))

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