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Add twittering-mode faces

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1 parent a41ff26 commit c7b5073ec59053a413d611bb5933ec5594fa1585 @purcell committed
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  1. +6 −0 color-theme-sanityinc-solarized.el
6 color-theme-sanityinc-solarized.el
@@ -592,6 +592,12 @@ names to which it refers are bound."
(erc-timestamp-face ((,class (:foreground ,cyan))))
(erc-keyword-face ((,class (:foreground ,green))))
+ ;; twittering-mode
+ (twittering-username-face ((,class (:inherit erc-pal-face))))
+ (twittering-uri-face ((,class (:foreground ,blue :inherit link))))
+ (twittering-timeline-header-face ((,class (:foreground ,green :weight bold))))
+ (twittering-timeline-footer-face ((,class (:inherit twittering-timeline-header-face))))
(custom-variable-tag ((,class (:foreground ,blue))))
(custom-group-tag ((,class (:foreground ,blue))))
(custom-state-tag ((,class (:foreground ,green))))

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