Submit changes back to Chris Kempson's repo #1

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purcell commented Mar 2, 2012

@chriskempson's repo has an Emacs version of the themes, but they require color-theme.el:

I should fork his repo and submit my enhanced theme back to him as a pull request. Alternatively, he could direct Emacs users to my version of the theme.


mamciek commented Mar 2, 2012

It would be nice if you just send him pull request with just Emacs24 specific enhancements, so users would have real choice between your vision and his :)


purcell commented Mar 3, 2012

It doesn't work like that -- I have a way of using the same code for both the old and new theming systems, so it would be a lot of extra work to separate the two. Greg Pfeil's solarized theme works a similar way, as you will probably have noticed.


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