A set of comprehensive Emacs color themes based on Chris Kempson's 'tomorrow' themes
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An Emacs version of Chris Kempson's "Tomorrow" themes, with much more extensive face definitions than the "official" Emacs variant.

The themes work with both the built-in theming support in recent Emacsen, and via the traditional color-theme.el add-on library in older versions, so use whichever you prefer.


Check out all 5 theme variants on emacsthemes.com.


If you're all set up to use Marmalade or MELPA (highly recommended!), simply

M-x package-install RET color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow RET

If you use el-get, simply add this to your packages list:


Otherwise, ensure a directory containing these files is on your load-path.

If you're using an Emacs version older than 23.x, you'll also need to install color-theme.el.


(require 'color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow)

M-x color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow-day
M-x color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow-night
M-x color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow-blue
M-x color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow-bright
M-x color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow-eighties

In newer Emacs versions, just require the library as above, then

M-x customize-themes

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