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+ written by Steve Purcell, some improvements by Thomas Schilling
+Converts a Darcs repository into a Git repository. Supports
+incremental updates, i.e., you can pull new patches from the source
+repository or import a large repository in steps.
+(Use `darcs-to-git --help` to display the latest usage instructions.)
+1. Create an *empty* directory that will become the new git repository
+2. From inside that directory, run this program, passing the location
+ of the local source darcs repo as a parameter
+The program will git-init the empty directory, and migrate all patches
+in the source darcs repo into commits in that repository.
+Thereafter, incremental patch conversion from the same source repo is
+possible by repeating step 2.
+ * `--patches N`: only import `N` patches.
+ * `--email-address ADDRESS`: `darcs-to-git` tries to reconstruct the
+ email address from the darcs patch. In cases this is not possible,
+ a default will be picked by Git. This is usually the one in
+ `~/.gitconfig`. This option allows you to specify another default
+ (without having to to modify `~/.gitconfig.)
+ * `--list-authors`: Outputs a list of authors in the source
+ repository and how they will appear in the git repository and
+ quits. The output will be lines like this:
+ Jane <>
+ This means that the darcs author "" will be
+ translated to git-author "Jane" with email address
+ "". You can use the output of this command as a
+ starting point for the input for `--author-map`.
+ * `--author-map FILENAME`: Allows translations from darcs committer
+ name to Git committer name. The input is a YAML map. For an
+ example see the output of `--author-map`.

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