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darcs and *.~0~ temp files #16

attila-lendvai opened this Issue · 3 comments

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it happens due to some patches that had conflicts in the darcs repo, and i assume backup file naming has changed:

Comparing final state with source repo...
Only in .: closer-mop.asd.~0~
Only in .: closer-mop.asd.~1~
Only in .: features.lisp.~0~
Only in .: features.txt.~0~
Only in .: supported-cls.txt.~0~
!!! There were differences! See diff above for details.
!!! It may be that the source repository was dirty.
!!! Run "cd ../closer-mop-darcs && darcs whatsnew -sl" to check.

$ darcs --version
2.8.1 (release)

$ git --version
git version

source repo:
darcs get

@purcell purcell closed this in d41c488

There, I think I've fixed it. Please let me know if not. :-)

I at least managed to successfully convert the closer-mop repo.


works here, too.

that was very fast, thanks a whole lot Purcell opensource fairy! :)


LOL, I think you've invented my new job title.

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