import error wrong darcs date format. #18

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../../git_vc/darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:406:in `darcs_date_to_git_date': Wrong darcs date format (RuntimeError)
    from ../../git_vc/darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:288:in `initialize'
    from ../../git_vc/darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:320:in `new'
    from ../../git_vc/darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:320:in `block in read_from_repo'
    from ../../git_vc/darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:316:in `map'
    from ../../git_vc/darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:316:in `read_from_repo'
    from ../../git_vc/darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:547:in `<main>'

when I look at date format by calling darcs changes log appears some thing like this.

Wed Feb 12 20:27:30 JST 2003  xxxx@xxxx
  * Initial version--0.2

Thanks for filing this.

The date you pasted above is not actually the date causing the error.

What's the output of darcs changes --xml for that changeset? There should be both a date and a local_date attribute for it. (If this is a public darcs repo, please let me know what the URL is.)



Hello steve,
Thanks for the response.
the darcs repo is public. url is

darcs get

date attribute from darcs changes --xml is some thing like this date='Wed Feb 12 11:27:30 EST 2003'.


@purcell purcell closed this in 04369c0 Nov 13, 2013

Fixed, I think. Let me know if you have any further issues.

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