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Cannot find Shellwords #2

pheaver opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Starting with commit 5778297, I get this error when I run darcs-to-git:

../darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:29:in `require': no such file to load -- Shellwords (LoadError)
from ../darcs-to-git/darcs-to-git:29

This module doesn't seem to be easily installable. I found a version of it online, but it's certainly not available via "gem install".


Which ruby version do you have? I've tested on 1.8.7, which is already fairly old.


I believe I tested with 1.8.something, and I've definitely tested with 1.9.1.


Ok, looks like I'm running ruby 1.8.7 on my debian machine. I've installed every extra package I can find, and still nothing provides Shellwords.


Oh! Changing the capitalization -- from Shellwords to shellwords -- fixed the problem for me! Are you running on a case-insensitive filesytem, maybe OS X?


Yup, good catch. Sorry about that -- fixed now.

This issue was closed.
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