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Ask user on git errors #6

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On importing a darcs repository, i had a non critical error on a git command:

Running: ["git", "tag", "-a", "-m", "TAG 0.2\n\ndarcs-hash:20080421160810-d61e2-c20fe32983a55557b721b0bfa30c56916ba71a87.gz", "0_2"]
fatal: tag '0_2' already exists

And the import stopped there. That is why i propose a mechanism to handle theses error and ask to the user if he want to continue the import anyway or not.

Feel free to pull or not :)

Best regards,



Hmmm... I want to make sure the script can always run through without any input from the user, so I'm most interested in figuring out why there are 2 darcs changes which introduce the same tag, because that seems to be the cause of the problem here. Is the darcs repository you are converting publicly available, so that I could take a look at it and investigate the issue?


The repository used to be publicy available on (and hsmagick link) but the server seems to be down.

I uploaded a tgz of the repository here : --URL removed--


Hi Vincent -- thanks very much for that. I see that there were several darcs changesets which applied the 0.3 tag, which then caused a problem in darcs-to-git. So I've changed darcs-to-git so that later tag changes override earlier ones; I think that's the behaviour which makes most sense, and I've tested it with the hsmagick repo you provided.

This issue was closed.
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  1. +4 −0 darcs-to-git
4 darcs-to-git 100755 → 100644
@@ -357,6 +357,10 @@ class DarcsPatch
commit_id = output_of("git", "log", "-n1", "--no-color").scan(/^commit ([a-z0-9]+$)/).flatten.first
COMMIT_HISTORY.record_git_commit(commit_id, identifier)
+ rescue RuntimeError => error
+ STDERR.write "An error occurred: " + error + "\n"
+ STDERR.write "Do you want to continue ? (y/N): "
+ exit unless (STDIN.getc.chr.downcase == "y")
def darcs_date_to_git_date(utc,local)
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