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Ever tried using 'psql' or 'mysql' on the command-line to connect to your Rails database,
only to find you forgot all those '-u' and '-h' parameters?
This plugin provides handy rake tasks for running DB console programs for the various databases
in your database.yml. It supports postgresql, mysql, sqlite and sqlite3 connections.
The plugin's home on the web is here: - articles and news;a=summary - code and downloads
Send feedback or patches by email to
% rake db:console # Connect to your RAILS_ENV database
% rake db:console:production # Connect to the production database
% rake db:console:test # Connect to the test database
% rake db:console:some_other_db # Connect to some_other_db defined in database.yml
% RAILS_ENV=test rake db:console # Connect to the test database
Copyright (c) 2007 Steve Purcell, released under the MIT license
Thanks to Larry Baltz.
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