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An Emacs configuration bundle with batteries included

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A reasonable Emacs config

This is my emacs configuration tree, continually used and tweaked since 2000, and it may be a good starting point for other Emacs users, especially those who are web developers. These days it's somewhat geared towards OS X, but it is known to also work on Linux and Windows.

Emacs itself comes with support for many programming languages. This config adds improved defaults and extended support for the following:

  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails
  • HAML / Markdown / Textile / ERB
  • Clojure (via nrepl and slime)
  • Javascript / Coffeescript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Haskell
  • Erlang
  • Common Lisp

In particular, there's a nice config for tab autocompletion, and flymake is used to immediately highlight syntax errors in Ruby, HAML, Python, Javascript, PHP and some other languages.


  • Emacs 23 or greater (note that Emacs 24 is required for some functionality)


To install, clone this repo to ~/.emacs.d, i.e. ensure that the init.el contained in this repo ends up at ~/.emacs.d/init.el. Before starting up Emacs, be sure to run git submodule update --init to pull in the dependencies that have git repos. Upon starting up Emacs for the first time, further third-party packages will be automatically downloaded and installed, which may require tools such as svn to be on your PATH.

Similar configs

You might also want to check out emacs-starter-kit and emacs-prelude.

Support / issues

If you hit any problems, please file an issue on the github project

-Steve Purcell

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