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Make it look like flymake got interrupted, thus avoiding an exception.

This defadvice is a long-standing and widely-used workaround.
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commit ff6f675573e325cf04b157d726fb6d546e58754a 1 parent 21c2b29
@purcell authored
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  1. +5 −0 flymake-css.el
5 flymake-css.el
@@ -67,5 +67,10 @@ function `flymake-mode' alone will not suffice."
(message "Not enabling flymake: csslint command not found")))
+(defadvice flymake-post-syntax-check (before flymake-force-check-was-interrupted)
+ (setq flymake-check-was-interrupted t))
+(ad-activate 'flymake-post-syntax-check)
(provide 'flymake-css)
;;; flymake-css.el ends here
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