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Use vc to find root dirs more directly, and display the vc type in ea…

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1 parent aff2fd5 commit c45b1d963587ab1d9e51eee2dbdcc3af650be2f8 @purcell committed Mar 23, 2011
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  1. +25 −16 ibuffer-vc.el
@@ -69,33 +69,42 @@
;;; Group and filter ibuffer entries by parent vc directory
-;; TODO: get this info by querying the vc backend for each file
(defun ibuffer-vc--find-any-root (file-name)
- (let ((root nil))
- (loop for dir in '(".git" ".svn" "CVS" ".bzr" "_darcs")
- do (setq root (vc-find-root file-name dir))
- until root
- finally return root)))
+ "Return a cons cell (backend-name . root-dir), or nil if the
+file is not under version control"
+ (let* ((backend (vc-backend file-name)))
+ (when backend
+ (let* ((root-fn-name (intern (format "vc-%s-root" backend)))
+ (root-dir
+ (cond
+ ((fboundp root-fn-name) (funcall root-fn-name file-name)) ; git, svn, hg, bzr (at least)
+ ((eq 'darcs backend) (vc-darcs-find-root file-name))
+ ((eq 'cvs backend) (vc-find-root file-name "CVS"))
+ (t (error "ibuffer-vc: don't know how to find root for vc backend '%s' - please submit a bug report or patch" backend)))))
+ (cons backend root-dir)))))
+(defun ibuffer-vc--file-or-directory (buf)
+ (let* ((file (buffer-local-value 'buffer-file-name buf))
+ (dir (buffer-local-value 'default-directory buf)))
+ (or file dir)))
(defun ibuffer-vc-root (buf)
- (let* ((file (buffer-local-value 'buffer-file-name buf))
- (dir (buffer-local-value 'default-directory buf))
- (ref (or file dir)))
- (ibuffer-vc--find-any-root ref)))
+ (ibuffer-vc--find-any-root (ibuffer-vc--file-or-directory buf)))
(define-ibuffer-filter vc-root
"Toggle current view to buffers with vc root dir QUALIFIER."
(:description "vc root dir"
:reader (read-from-minibuffer "Filter by vc root dir (regexp): "))
- (ibuffer-awhen (ibuffer-vc-root buf)
- (string-match (expand-file-name qualifier) (expand-file-name it))))
+ (ibuffer-awhen (ibuffer-vc--file-or-directory buf)
+ (string-match qualifier (expand-file-name it))))
(defun ibuffer-vc-generate-filter-groups-by-vc-root ()
"Create a set of ibuffer filter groups based on the vc root dirs of buffers"
- (mapcar (lambda (vc-dir)
- (cons (format "%s" vc-dir) `((vc-root . ,vc-dir))))
- (ibuffer-remove-duplicates
- (delq nil (mapcar 'ibuffer-vc-root (buffer-list))))))
+ (mapcar (lambda (vc-root)
+ (cons (format "%s:%s" (car vc-root) (cdr vc-root))
+ `((vc-root . ,(expand-file-name (cdr vc-root))))))
+ (ibuffer-remove-duplicates
+ (delq nil (mapcar 'ibuffer-vc-root (buffer-list))))))
(defun ibuffer-vc-set-filter-groups-by-vc-root ()

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