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@@ -55,6 +55,11 @@ From the Clojure shell, load the Incanter libraries: <pre><code>(use '(incanter
Try an example: sample 1,000 values from a standard-normal distribution and view a histogram: <pre><code>(view (histogram (sample-normal 1000)))</code></pre>
<img src="" />
+Try another simple example, a plot of the sine function over the range -4 to 4:
+<pre><code>(view (function-plot sin -4 4))</code></pre>
+<img src="" />
The online documentation for most Incanter functions contain usage examples. The documentation can be viewed using Clojure's @doc@ function. For example, to view the documentation and usage examples for the @linear-model@ function, call @(doc linear-model)@ from the Clojure shell. Use @(find-doc "search term")@ to search the online documentation from the Clojure shell. The API documentation can also be found in the @docs/api/@ directory and online at <a href=""></a>.
*More Incanter examples*

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