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JArgs command-line argument parsing library
-Package contents:
+Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Steve Purcell.
+Copyright (c) 2002 Vidar Holen.
+Copyright (c) 2002 Michal Ceresna.
+Copyright (c) 2005 Ewan Mellor.
- src/ -- Java source code
- lib/ -- JAR files
- doc/ -- API and other documentation
- tests/ -- JUnit test code
+All rights reserved.
+Released under the terms of the BSD licence. See the file LICENCE for
+For each prerequisite, the version with which JArgs has been tested is given
+in parentheses. Any version equal to or later than this should work.
+Apache Ant (1.4.1), by The Apache Software Foundation, from
+ Ant is used to build JArgs, and to run its tests.
+JUnit (3.7), by Eric Gamma, et al, from
+JUnit is used to run the unit tests, and is not needed to run the library
+To compile, package, and test the code, run
+Two jars are created, one called lib/jargs.jar, which contains the runtime
+library, and one called lib/jargs-test.jar, which contains the unit tests and
+the examples. The Javadoc APIs are created in doc/api.
+To use the library with your own code, simply ensure that lib/jargs.jar is on
+Package contents
+ src/jargs/gnu -- The library itself.
+ src/jargs/examples/gnu -- Examples showing how to use the library.
+ src/jargs/test/gnu -- JUnit tests.
+ doc/ -- API and other documentation.
+ classes/ -- Compiled classes, once built.
+ lib/ -- JArgs jars, once built.

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