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improvements and simplifications for completion

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1 parent fc953b8 commit 52c54362af94dae9773ada70201e83d89f20c737 @tsdh tsdh committed Aug 23, 2012
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  1. +9 −11 nrepl.el
20 nrepl.el
@@ -330,18 +330,16 @@ joined together.")
;; TODO: need a unified way to trigger this loading at connect-time
;; TODO: better error handling if dependency is missing
- (nrepl-send-string "(require 'complete.core)" "user" 'identity)
(let ((sap (symbol-at-point)))
- (when sap
+ (when (and sap (not (in-string-p)))
+ (nrepl-send-string "(require 'complete.core)" "user" 'identity)
(let ((form (format "(complete.core/completions \"%s\" *ns*)" sap))
- ;; This might error, for example if point _ is in (_)
- (beginning-of-symbol (ignore-errors (save-excursion (backward-sexp) (point)))))
- (when (and beginning-of-symbol (not (in-string-p)))
- (let ((completions (car (read-from-string
- (plist-get (nrepl-send-string-sync form nrepl-buffer-ns)
- :value)))))
- (when completions
- (list beginning-of-symbol (point) completions))))))))
+ (bounds (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'symbol)))
+ (let ((completions (car (read-from-string
+ (plist-get (nrepl-send-string-sync form nrepl-buffer-ns)
+ :value)))))
+ (when completions
+ (list (car bounds) (cdr bounds) completions)))))))
(defun nrepl-eldoc-format-thing (thing)
(propertize thing 'face 'font-lock-function-name-face))
@@ -865,7 +863,7 @@ This function is meant to be used in hooks to avoid lambda
(define-key map (kbd "M-.") 'nrepl-jump)
(define-key map (kbd "M-,") 'nrepl-jump-back)
(define-key map (kbd "RET") 'nrepl-return)
- (define-key map (kbd "TAB") 'complete-symbol)
+ (define-key map (kbd "M-TAB") 'complete-symbol)
(define-key map (kbd "C-<return>") 'nrepl-closing-return)
(define-key map (kbd "C-j") 'nrepl-newline-and-indent)
(define-key map (kbd "C-c C-d") 'nrepl-doc)

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