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Bind g to nrepl-macroexpand-1-last-expression in macroexpansion buffer.

Before, it was bound to nrepl-macroexpand-again, which doesn't even exist...
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1 parent 2fa5b4e commit 9e18d6204a974a4c26cc440954f712f595e0059c @tsdh tsdh committed
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2 nrepl.el
@@ -625,7 +625,7 @@ joined together.")
"Mode for nrepl macroexpansion buffers"
(" ")
- '(("g" . nrepl-macroexpand-again)))
+ '(("g" . nrepl-macroexpand-1-last-expression)))
(defun nrepl-macroexpand-expr (macroexpand expr pprint-p &optional buffer)
"Evaluate the expression preceding point and print the result

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