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This is a GNU Emacs major mode for editing Racket source files, as well as an inferior mode for running Racket.
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Racket mode for GNU Emacs

This is a major mode for editing Racket source files, as well as an inferior mode for running Racket.

  • Focus on Racket.

    • Mode line and menu say Racket.
    • Omit stuff for various current and historical Schemes that's N/A for Racket.
  • Use DrRacket concepts where applicable.

    • A simple and obvious way to "Run" a .rkt file, fully restarting the REPL (in contrast to enter!).
    • A simple way to run unit tests (to run the test submodule).
  • More thorough syntax highlighting ("font-lock"):

    • All Racket keywords, built-ins, self-evals, and so on.
    • All variations of define for functions and variables.
  • Compatible with Emacs 23.4 and 24.2+.


This is alpha quality, i.e. version 0.1. My total experience writing Emacs modes consists of writing this mode. (Pull requests from smarter/wiser people are welcome.)

Please report issues to the GitHub project page.


I started this project accidentally, while trying to figure out a font-lock issue with Quack under Emacs 24.2.

Knowing nothing about how to make a mode in Emacs, I tried to isolate the problem by making a simple major mode, then adding things until it broke. It didn't break and I ended up with this.

I took various .emacs.d hacks that I'd previously made to use with Quack, and rolled them into this mode.

Also, I'd recently spent time adding Racket fontification to the Pygments project.

I experienced issues with enter! not reloading modules in recent versions of Racket, and came up with a DrRacket-like alternative, run!.

Finally, I remembered that when I was new to Racket and Emacs, I got confused by the Scheme menu. It has options that work with various Schemes over the years, but which are N/A for Racket. I figured a fresh focus on Racket might be helpful.

Note: I think DrRacket is a wonderful environment for developing Racket. I started using Emacs when projects needed me to edit various other file formats (like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Markdown) in addition to Racket.


  • The existing Emacs Scheme mode and Inferior Scheme mode.

  • The source code for Neil Van Dyke's Quack provided a model for many of the scheme-indent-function settings, and smart paren closing.

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