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REGEX-TOOL -*- mode: org; fill-column: 78 -*-

[#B] Add regex-tool patch for Emacs 21 support

(from e-mail regex-tool): Works okay in emacs 22, but I had to add this [attached] to backport to emacs 21.

[2008-02-05 Tue]

[#B] T. Kurt Bond suggested several changes to regex-tool

(from e-mail regex-tool.el patch): I’ve enclosed a patch that adds two things:

  1. An Elisp buffer that shows a quoted version of the regex suitable for cutting and pasting into emacs lisp source. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account the perl backend, so it would need some tweaking.
  2. Allows more than 9 matches to be displayed, so that \(1\)\(2\)\(3\)\(4\)\(5\)\(6\)\(7\)\(8\)\(9\)\(a\)\(b\)\(c\)\(d\)\(e\)\(f\) matched against 123456789abcdef shows all 15 individual matches in addition to the group 0 match. (Just look for the change to dotimes.)
[2007-11-30 Fri]

[#B] Patch for / characters in a regular expression

I found a minor bug though: in perl mode it uses m// syntax, but slashes aren’t escaped in elisp code, which makes the tool fail if I have ‘/’ in regexp. This patch helped me [attached].

[2008-03-27 Thu]

[#B] Apply patch to regex-tool sent by Christian Stucchio

(from e-mail regex-tool.el): So far, I’ve only found one thing I dislike: the fact that it opens a new frame. I prefer it to open in the current frame.

I’ve attached a slightly modified version in which that behavior is customizable. If regex-tool-new-frame is t (the default), the current behavior is preserved. If nil, the current frame is used. Steal the code if you like it.

[2007-12-27 Thu]

[#B] Johan LindstrXm found a typo in regex-tool

(from e-mail Regex Tool - wrong description?): This defun looks like it was copied from org-mode and not cleaned up properly :)

(defgroup regex-tool nil “Outline-based notes management and organizer.” :tag “Org” :group ‘programming)[2008-01-20 Sun]

[#A] Apply Johan LindstrXm’s regex-tool patch

(from e-mail Regex Tool): I just recently started using your excellent Emacs Regex Tool. Very useful, so hats off for that!

One thing I missed though was the ability of specifying Perl regex modifiers, such as /x etc. So I wrote a patch to change the Perl regex syntax from ‘MY-REGEX’ to ‘/MY-REGEX/MODIFIERS’

(It is still aware of /g and multiple matches if needed)

This patch would change the usage in an incompatible way from before, but OTOH this tool is supposedly not used programmatically anyway so that’s probably not a big deal.

If you think this sounds like a good idea, I’d be very happy for you to incorporate it with your package.

[2008-01-20 Sun]