Live LESS stylesheet updates from Emacs via skewer-mode
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Emacs minor mode allowing LESS stylesheet manipulation via skewer-mode.

Note that this is intended for use in place of skewer-css-mode, which does not work with LESS.

The LESS styles in the current buffer will be passed through lessc and then to skewer-css. For this to work properly, the lessc command should be present on exec-path.


If you choose not to use one of the convenient packages in MELPA, you'll need to add the directory containing skewer-less.el to your load-path, and then (require 'skewer-less).


Enable skewer-less in an individual buffer like this:


Alternatively, add 'skewer-less-mode to your less-css-mode-hook:

(add-hook 'less-css-mode-hook 'skewer-less-mode)

Save the buffer to trigger an update, or hit C-c C-k just like in skewer-css-mode.

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