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# Skewer Reload Stylesheets Mode

is a pure-elisp live-editing tool for web development in Emacs. It is a
glorious thing.

Alas, when maintaining a codebase with convoluted cascades, skewer's built-in
CSS mode is not useful. It sends rules to the browser by appending them to the
DOM in a <style> tag.

When several stylesheets have rules that interact closely via the cascade,
skewer-mode's approach isn't useful. What you see while live-editing is not
what you see when you refresh.

Enter this tiny minor mode.

Start skewer (see its docs for how) then skewer the browser window you want to

Activate this minor mode while editing a CSS file used on the displayed page,
and `C-x C-r` will save your current stylesheet and have the browser reload it
from disk (by removing/reinserting the link tag in the same spot).