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VoIP client and server using Android for Systems Programming, Fall 2011.
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CS 252 - Programming Assignment 6
VOIP Android
December 8, 2011

Joe Martella (
Junyoung Justin Kim (
Matt McCormick (
Shing Jay Ong (

Files used in project:

- - initializes DirectoryServer and creates VoiceServers
- - keeps a record of the users in the directory and connections
- - handles XML sent from the client to the server
- - handles the sending and receiving of packets between clients
- - stores the IP address of the device and port number it's using
- - monitors the users in the directory to make sure they're still alive
- - stores user data

- - shows the user who they are in a call with
- - BroadcastReceiver so we can send hangup notice to DirectoryActivity
- - shows the directory to the user as a selectable list to make calls
- - handles the sending of XML from the client to the server
- - listens for XML from the server to the client
- - sends a heartbeat to the server every 5 seconds to let it know it's alive
- - login screen; allows the user to select a username and server address
- - holds user information
- - plays the voice received from the server through the phone's speaker
- - records voice from the user and sends it to the server

Features that work:
- All of them.

Features that do not work:
- None of them.

Extra features:
- Ringtones
- Uses XML for communication
- We have a robust source control page
	- have a wiki, issues page, multiple working branches
- Doesn't allow users to call themselves 
- DOesn't allow users to call other users that are in a call

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