Command Line Interface for managing PROS projects
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PROS is the only open source development environment for the VEX EDR Platform.

This project provides all of the project management related tasks for PROS. It is currently responsible for:

  • Downloading kernel templates
  • Creating, upgrading projects
  • Flashing binaries to the cortex

This project is built in Python 3.5, and executables are built on a modified version of cx_Freeze.

Installing for development

PROS CLI can be installed directly from source with the following prerequisites:

  • Python 3.5
  • PIP (default in Python 3.5)
  • Setuptools (default in PYthon 3.5)

Clone this repository, then run pip install -e <dir>. Pip will install all the dependencies necessary.

About this project

This python project contains 4 modules: proscli, prosconductor, prosconfig, and prosflasher


proscli contains the interaction logic for the actual end user experience using the Click framework and describes all of the commands available.


prosconductor contains the backend logic for managing projects. It is responsible for downloading projects through a provider (GitHub provider is currently the only provider, but can be extended)


prosconfig contains classes which represent configuration files, such as template.pros, project.pros, and cli.pros. These files are serialized by jsonpickle.


prosflasher contains the logic necessary to upload binaries to the VEX Cortex Microcontroller. In the future, we'd like to reinclude the ability to manipulate the file system.