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PROS Documentation

This repository hosts the documentation for PROS for V5 and PROS for Cortex. These docs are hosted at

How are these docs built?

The PROS docs are built with Sphinx. The theming is a modified version of the Read The Docs theme, which can be found at this fork.

A few Sphinx extensions are used as well:

  • Ablog - Used to generate the release notes blog posts
  • Sphinx-tabs - Used for the code tabs found in the API docs and tutorials. This is also modified from its original state, and that fork can be found at this fork.


The requirements to build the docs site (with no modifications to anything but the source (.rst) files) are as follows:

  • Python3
  • Sphinx (pip package)
  • Sphinx-tabs (pip package)
  • Ablog (pip package)

To install all of the dependencies for building the PROS Documentation, run

# Recommend working in a virtual environment, but the following 2 lines are optional
> python3 -m venv ./docs-venv
> . ./docs-venv/bin/activate

> pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Building the Docs

Once you have installed the requirements, building is very straightforward. Just run make in the root directory.

Git Submodules

The sphinx_rtd_theme and sphinx-tabs folders within the documentation are git submodules. As a result, you need to initialize these submodules and pull them separately when updating the docs.

# Repeat this in both the sphinx_rtd_theme and sphinx-tabs directories
> git submodule init
> git submodule update

Modifying the tabs theming

Modification of the tabs theming should be done within the SIGBots fork of the tabs extension. Testing modifications to the theming is often easier done from within the main docs repo; since the theming is just CSS no compilation is required outside of the typical build process.

Modifying the general theming

Modifying the Read the Docs theme is a much more difficult process to get set up than the tabs theming, but is very straightforward after the initial work.

Walk through the following steps to modify the sphinx_rtd_theme folder/repo (Assuming WSL):

1. Install virtualenv: sudo pip install virtualenv.
2. Set up a virtual environment with: virtualenv.
3. Install ruby with: sudo apt-get install ruby-full. Just sudo apt-get install ruby won't work.
4. Install SASS: sudo gem install sass
5. Install Node.js: sudo apt-get install nodejs
6. Install npm: sudo apt-get install npm
7. Install Bower and Grunt: sudo npm install -g bower grunt-cli
8. Finalize installation with: sudo npm install
9. Symlink nodejs to node with: sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
10. Reinstall xdg-utils for some unknown reason with: sudo apt-get install --reinstall xdg-utils
11. Symlink xdg-open to the start command (only works with more recent versions of WSL I guess) with: sudo ln -s start xdg-open
12. Install x3m because StackOverflow said to and it worked: sudo apt-get install w3m
13. Configure xdg-settings with: xdg-settings set default-web-browser w3m.desktop

From there, you can start a build watch process and server by running grunt in the sphinx_rtd_theme folder.

If you want to also build in a different folder (i.e. building in the sphinx_rtd_theme folder of this repo as well as building our fork of the theme), then run sudo npm install in that folder.