Externals wrangler for Pure Data
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A minimal package management system for Pure Data externals.

Animated GIF demonstration of the Deken plugin user interface

Packages are stored on http://puredata.info/ and can be installed using the Help -> Find Packages menu after installing the TCL plugin.


Since Pd-0.47, the deken-plugin is included into Pure Data itself, so there is no need to manually install it.

Main development of the plugin is still happening in this repository, so you might want to manually install the plugin to help testing new features.


Click to download deken-plugin.tcl and save it to your Pd folder:

  • Linux = ~/pd-externals/deken-plugin/
  • OSX = ~/Library/Pd/deken-plugin/
  • Windows = %AppData%\Pd\deken-plugin\

Then select Help -> Find Packages and type the name of the external you would like to search for.

Trusting packages

The deken-plugin will help you find and install Pd-libraries. However, it does not verify whether a given package is downloaded from a trusted source or not.

As of now, the default package source is http://puredata.info. Anybody who has an account on that website (currently that's a few thousand people) can upload packages, that the deken-plugin will happily find and install for you.

In order to make these packages more trustworthy, we ask people to sign their uploaded packages with the GPG-key. Unfortunately the deken-plugin does not check these signatures yet. If you are concerned about the authenticity of a given download, you can check the GPG-signature manually, by following these steps:

If the signature is correct, you can decide yourself whether you actually trust the person who signed:

  • Do you trust the signature to be owned by the person?
  • Do you know the person?
  • Do you trust them enough to let them install arbitrary software on your machine?


deken comes with a tool to package and upload your own library builds. See developer/README.md for more information.