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macOS updates

Updated Nov 17, 2021

This project is meant to collect issues for the build on macOS for the upcoming Pd 0.52 release. A couple of things I can think of are:

  • Link to newer jack distribution on builds for new systems (10.13+) while keep weak linking on old systems
  • Hope/pray that macOS 12 doesn't break anything (less of an issue if we can use Tk 8.6.12)

Anything else I can remember...

  • Hope/pray that multi monitor window positioning is no longer broken when reopening a patch (can't find issue right now)

integrate libpd

Updated Sep 27, 2018

integrate the C-side of libpd into Pd-proper.

  • ship libpd with Debian (Debian is a bit peculiar when it comes to code duplication)
  • would only need to adjust their build-system (where to get some files from)