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React Native Simple Picker

A simple picker for React Native.

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$ npm install react-native-simple-picker --save

iOS and Android

From version 2.0 React Native Simple Picker now supports both Android and iOS.


You will find an example in the /exampleApp folder.


Prop Default Type Description Required
buttonStyle - Object Style Close/Continue Buttons false
options - Array Options that will be passed to the picker true
initialOptionIndex - Number Initial selected option based on it's index false
labels - Array Labels for the options passed to the picker false
confirmText Confirm String Confirm button text false
confirmTextStyle - Object Style Confirm button text false
cancelText Cancel String Cancel button text false
cancelTextStyle - Object Style Close button text false
itemStyle - Object Picker style prop. Use this to customize the picker colors, etc false
styles - Object Overwrites the default styles of the picker false
disableOverlay - bool When set to false it will dismiss the picker when the outside region is pressed false


Prop Params Description
onSubmit - Use this to trigger any action on your parent component when an option is selected


This package is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).