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Hybridauth Change log
2.1.0 - 04 aug 2012
Yahoo! provider adapter is now based on OAuth1 protocol (by Lukasz Koprowski)
Windows Live provider adapter is now based on OAuth2 protocol (by Lukasz Koprowski)
Yahoo! and Google openid based are now part of the "additional providers package"
Add proxy config for providers API (by fedetorre)
Fix Hybrid_Providers_Google::getUserContacts()
Fix Twitter user's profile url
Fix the user profile url on Hybrid_Providers_Facebook::getUserActivity()
2.0.11 - 25 jan 2012
Fix a bug with Twitter update status
Add a way to specify adapters and wrappers from config
Added emailVerified property to profile object.
Added ability to pass display type to Facebook SDK.
Refactored endpoind
Add user contacts list for Google Hybrid_Providers_Google::getUserContacts()
Add Hybrid_Auth::getProviders() to return array listing all enabled providers as well as a flag if you are connected.
2.0.10 - 05 dec 2011
Fix a bug with Facebook update status setUserStatus()
Fix a bug with linkedin get contacts list getUserContacts()
Fix refresh token issue with oauth2 client
Remove from the default Google scope
Fix an issue with openid identifier verification
Fix an issue where a user cancel the auth it will persist for some providers
Another numbers of bug fixes and improvments
2.0.9 - 24 nov 2011
Move Google to work with OAuth 2 protocol.
Get back Foursquare and AOL to library core as supported networks
Add 2 new examples "Sign-in/Sign-up Users" and "Basic Facebook integration"
Fix a bug with linkedin update status setUserStatus()
2.0.8 - 18 nov 2011
Add an auto insaller to make life a bit easier.
Change the configuration file name from hybridauth.php to config.php
Setting facebook scope from the configuration, now override the default requested scope
Fix a bug with twitter update status setUserStatus()
Fix a bug with logoutAllProviders()
Hubrid_Auth_Activity::$date return now a timestamp across supproted social networks
Introduce the refresh_token as its needed for some providers
fixed some minor issues and improved bunch of other stuff
Thanks for KVC, RB Lin and danhstevens!
2.0.7 - 12 oct 2011
Add some generic functions: Hybrid_Provider_Adapter::getUserContacts(), Hybrid_Provider_Adapter::setUserStatus() and Hybrid_Provider_Adapter::getUserActivity() to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Identica and LinkedIn.
Add a generic function to logout all connected provider at once Hybrid_Auth::logoutAllProviders()
Correct a bug with Hybrid_Auth::getCurrentUrl()
Split HybridAuth into 2 packages. i) a core library which come with 8 major providers by default, ii) the others one which containt some additional providers
fixed some minors issues and improved some stuff and whatnot
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