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Sandbox for showcasing purerl build process and integration with OTP application
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An OTP application integrating PureScript code.

This is a sandbox for different ways of integrating eg OTP behaviours and demonstrating a sample build process, file layout etc.


The executables psc-package (any relatively recent version) and purs (the purerl compiler fork, 0.12+) must be present in the PATH.

The rebar3 executable should be available to perform the build steps below.


$ rebar3 compile

This will kick off a PureScript build via the Makefile. The Makefile encodes no dependency information, but because PureScript compiler builds are incremental, updated .erl files are generated only for changed modules, these updated .erl files are then available for the usual rebar3 compile process.

An ide target is available to be used with editor integrations (for full builds), both this and the purs ide server will work just fine for the purerl backend as long as the right purs is in your path.


An alternative arrangement would place the PureScript project structure entirely under a subdirectory, leading to e.g. ps/src folder. I've chosen not to do that here on the basis that 1. the amount of additional top-level junk is actually minimal in this PureScript project and 2. this means that editor integration will "just work" with the project opened at the root level.

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