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YGOPRO Cards Editor
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Manage card database(.cdb file) for ygopro.


Grab the lastest build from Appveyor in the latest commit of

Q: I can't run the program.
A: Please install .NET Framework.


  • Create and edit card databases.
  • Compare, copy and paste card records across databases easily.
  • Read card records from ygopro decks(.ydk file) or card picture folders(eg. pics folder of ygooro).
  • Create and edit card scripts(.lua file).
  • Export and import MSE sets.

Q: How to add a new archetype?
A: First decide the setcode (a hex number) for the new archetype. Do not confict the existing setcodes. Then type it in the text box on the right of the combo box of archetype. Click Modify. To show the name of the new archetype in the combo box. Open data/cardinfo_xxx.txt (xxx is language), add a new line between "##setname" and "#end", write the setcode (start with 0x) and the archetype name separated by a Tab symbol.


Open Menu Help-->Language to choose language, then restart the application.
If you want to add a language xxx for DataEditorX, you need two files:

data/language_xxx.txt for graphic interface
data/cardinfo_xxx.txt for card information

Each line in language_english.txt/cardinfo_english.txt is separate by a Tab. Translate the content on the right of Tab then put them in language_xxx.txt/cardinfo_xxx.txt.

Special Features of KoishiDEX

  1. The format of scripts will be in Koishi-Style when creating new scripts. Also the module script to be required will be adjustable, and will be packed when exporting zip files.
  2. Scripts of Non-Pendulum Normal monsters will be openable, for creating module scripts.
  3. Will ignore the card alias when opening a script.
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