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A script engine for "yu-gi-oh!" and sample gui



  • ESC: Minimize the window.
  • A: Holding down this button will let the system stop at every timing.
  • S: Holding down this button will let the system skip every timing.
  • D: Holding down this button will let the system stop at available timing.
  • R: Fix the font glitch.
  • F1~F4: Show the cards in your grave, banished zone, extra deck, xyz materials.
  • F5~F8: Show the cards in your opponent's grave, banished zone, extra deck, xyz materials.

Color in card list:


  • White = your card, Grey = your opponent's card


Cards in deck, extra deck and banished zone:

  • Black = face-up, Blue = face-down

Xyz materials:

  • Black = default, Blue = the owner of the xyz material is different from its controller


  • Monster Zone: 1~5, starting from the left hand side.
  • Spell & Trap Zone: 1~5, starting from the left hand side.
  • Field Zone: 6
  • Pendulum Zone: 0~1, starting from the left hand side.
  • The others: 1~n, starting from the bottom.

Deck edit page:

  • All numeric textboxs: They support >, =, <, >=, <= signs.
  • Card name: Search card names and texts by default, $foo will only search foo in card names, and @foo will search cards of "foo" archetype(due to translation, card name contains "foo" does not mean that card is "foo" card).

Command-line options:

  • -e foo.cdb: Load foo.cdb as the extra database.
  • -n nickname: Set the nickname.
  • -h Set the host to join in LAN mode.
  • -p 7911: Set the port to join in LAN mode.
  • -w abc: Set the password to join in LAN mode.
  • -d: Enter the deck edit page.
  • -d deck: If used along with -j it mean select the deck, or it will open the deck to edit.
  • -c: Create host with default settings.
  • -j: Join the host specified in above, or if absent, lasthost in system.conf file.
  • -r: Enter the replay mode page.
  • -r replay.yrp: Load the replay.yrp in replay mode.
  • -s: Enter the single mode page.
  • -s puzzle.lua: Load the puzzle.lua in single mode.
  • -k: Keep when duel finished. See below.


  • -c -j -e -r -s shoule be the last parameter, because any parameters after it will get ignored.
  • -d -c -j -e -r -s will make YGOPro automatically exit when the duel or deck editing is finished. This is useful for some launchers. If you want to keep it, add -k before them.
  • -d -r -s support full path of file, or just filename. But remember deck filename should NOT have extension when replay and single filename MUST have extension.


  • pics: .jpg card images(177*254).
  • pics\thumbnail: .jpg thumbnail images(44*64).
  • script: .lua script files.
  • textures: Other image files.
  • deck: .ydk deck files.
  • replay: .yrp replay files.
  • expansions: *.cdb will be loaded as extra databases.
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