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A Pure Salt original video game
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This is the source code for NUMBER ONE GRANDPA, a game developed by John Mullanaphy as part of Pure Salt Gaming.


This is built using Node.js 10.9.0 and using EMCAScript 6 on the frontend. No guarantees on the server side code running on other builds of Node.js.


You can checkout package.json for the specific commands, yet here's a quick breakdown:

Command Description
npm restart Restart our server.
npm start Start our server to render our game in a browser on port 4001 using pm2.
npm stop Stop our server.
npm test Run the tests for both app and server.
npm run build Compile our app source code into the build directory with a minified grandpa.js and readable version.
npm run coverage Run test code coverage on both app and server.
npm run coverage:app Run test code coverage on app, loads at /app/coverage when server is running.
npm run coverage:server Run test code coverage on server loads at /app/coverage/server when server is running.
npm run documentation Generate documentation for both app and server.
npm run documentation:app Generate documentation for app, loads at /app/documentation when server is running.
npm run documentation:server Generate documentation for server loads at /server/documentation when server is running.
npm run test:app Test just our app.
npm run test:server Test just our server.
npm run watch Turn on grunt watch to trigger npm run build when the app code changes.

Game Source Code

This is where all the fun lives, you can find the full source code in ./src. To create a working game with this source code you will need to provide assets in the aptly named ./assets as well as AI logic, level design, and all the other core game content.

Documentation for working on the game source code is in ./src/


This does come with a server to load the game in a browser or webview. It's straight forward enough, loads data, serves it to the frontend, provides assets. Typical server stuff.

Documentation for utilizing the backend it in ./server/

Submitting bugs and feature requests

Please send bugs to me via GitHub


John Mullanaphy - -

That's it for now...


NUMBER ONE GRANDPA's source code is licensed under the Open Software License (OSL 3.0) - see the LICENSE file for details


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