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The ReadMe for the App Groups organization.


  • Designing and building an application using PureScript should be a pleasurable path, rather than one full of pitfalls and regrets.

  • A pleasurable experience designing a PureScript application consists of starting with a trust-worthy, appropriate design.

  • A trust-worthy design is one which has documented analysis of the application type in which it is interested, documented principles, and documented design explanations, and documented places a builder using that design can add customization.

  • A pleasurable experience building a PureScript application consists of starting from an appropriately-designed basic application, having reference documentation of application-specific customizations a builder can adopt, and a library of re-useable, common code which hastens implementing those application-specific customizations.

  • This project, and projects it depends on, are likely maintained by volunteers. We should appreciate contributions made by volunteers who find the time to contribute. If you're disappointed by a project's progress, you should try to find time to realize the change yourself. If you need help contributing, ask for help in an issue or pull request on the project or in a PureScript user group.

(Need more principles. Currently only the desired designer and builder experience is documented. Need to include group management, repo management, and exploration of templates of whatever kind. Perhaps also mention the organization which unites groups, and how a group is differentiated from other groups.)

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