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module Test.Color where
import Prelude
import Concur.Core (Widget)
import Concur.Core.FRP (Signal, dyn, hold, step)
import Concur.React (HTML)
import Concur.React.DOM (button, text, textarea)
import Concur.React.DOM as D
import Concur.React.Props (onChange, onClick, style, value)
import Data.Array.NonEmpty (toArray)
import Data.Either (either)
import Data.Maybe (Maybe(..), maybe)
import Data.String.Regex (match, regex)
import Data.String.Regex.Flags (global)
import Data.Traversable (sequence)
import Unsafe.Coerce (unsafeCoerce)
colorSignal :: String -> Signal HTML String
colorSignal s = step s do
s' <- D.div'
[ D.text "Insert some color codes, or "
, button [onClick] [text "get an example"] $> exampleText
, D.div' [textarea [value s, targetValue <$> onChange, style {width: "80%", height: "6em"}] []]
pure (colorSignal s')
-- This seems ridiculous
targetValue e = (unsafeCoerce e).target.value
showColors :: String -> Signal HTML String
showColors inp = hold inp do
D.div [style { width : "80.0%" }]
(maybe [D.text "no colors found"] (map showColor <<< toArray) (matchInput inp))
matchInput input = either (const Nothing) (flip match input) (regex "#[0-9a-fA-F]{6}" global) >>= sequence
showColor col = D.span [style (colstyle col)] [D.text col]
colstyle col = {display:"inline-block", margin:"4px" , textAlign:"center", width:"7em", backgroundColor: col, color: "white"}
colorWidget :: forall a. String -> Widget HTML a
colorWidget s = dyn do
s' <- colorSignal s
showColors s'
exampleText :: String
exampleText = "# from my color scheme\nset $black-alt #1F2022 set $black #555F69 set $red-alt #CB4674 set $red #FC4474 set $green-alt #74D55C set $green #96E931 set $yellow-alt #A18417 set $yellow #E89E0F set $blue-alt #627AD2 set $blue #4083CD set $magenta-alt #91429D set $magenta #D358D5 set $cyan-alt #25919E set $cyan #22ABBB set $white-alt #C1C1C1 set $white #DFDFDF"
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