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module Test.Hello where
import Prelude
import Concur.Core (Widget)
import Concur.React (HTML)
import Concur.React.DOM as D
import Concur.React.Props as P
import Control.Monad.Rec.Class (forever)
import Control.Monad.State.Class (get, put)
import Control.Monad.State.Trans (StateT, runStateT)
helloWidget :: forall a. Widget HTML a
helloWidget = do
void $ runStateT helloWidgetS 0
D.text "Actually this will never be reached, but the compiler is not smart enough to deduce that"
helloWidgetS :: forall a. StateT Int (Widget HTML) a
helloWidgetS = forever do
count <- get
void $ D.div' [ D.button [P.onClick] [D.text ("For the " <> show count <> " time, hello sailor!")] ]
put (count + 1)
-- Widgety Widget
data View = View Int HTML
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