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module Data.Argonaut.Decode.Class where
import Data.Argonaut.Decode.Decoders
import Data.Argonaut.Core (Json, toObject)
import Data.Argonaut.Decode.Error (JsonDecodeError(..))
import Data.Array.NonEmpty (NonEmptyArray)
import Data.Bifunctor (lmap)
import Data.Either (Either(..))
import Data.Identity (Identity)
import Data.List (List)
import Data.List.NonEmpty (NonEmptyList)
import Data.String.NonEmpty (NonEmptyString)
import Data.Map as M
import Data.Maybe (Maybe(..))
import Data.NonEmpty (NonEmpty)
import Data.Set as S
import Data.String (CodePoint)
import Data.Symbol (class IsSymbol, reflectSymbol)
import Data.Tuple (Tuple)
import Foreign.Object as FO
import Prelude (class Ord, Unit, Void, bind, ($), (<$>))
import Prim.Row as Row
import Prim.RowList as RL
import Record as Record
import Type.Proxy (Proxy(..))
class DecodeJson a where
decodeJson :: Json -> Either JsonDecodeError a
instance decodeIdentity :: DecodeJson a => DecodeJson (Identity a) where
decodeJson = decodeIdentity decodeJson
instance decodeJsonMaybe :: DecodeJson a => DecodeJson (Maybe a) where
decodeJson = decodeMaybe decodeJson
instance decodeJsonTuple :: (DecodeJson a, DecodeJson b) => DecodeJson (Tuple a b) where
decodeJson = decodeTuple decodeJson decodeJson
instance decodeJsonEither :: (DecodeJson a, DecodeJson b) => DecodeJson (Either a b) where
decodeJson = decodeEither decodeJson decodeJson
instance decodeJsonNull :: DecodeJson Unit where
decodeJson = decodeNull
instance decodeJsonBoolean :: DecodeJson Boolean where
decodeJson = decodeBoolean
instance decodeJsonNumber :: DecodeJson Number where
decodeJson = decodeNumber
instance decodeJsonInt :: DecodeJson Int where
decodeJson = decodeInt
instance decodeJsonString :: DecodeJson String where
decodeJson = decodeString
instance decodeJsonNonEmptyString :: DecodeJson NonEmptyString where
decodeJson = decodeNonEmptyString
instance decodeJsonJson :: DecodeJson Json where
decodeJson = Right
instance decodeJsonNonEmpty_Array :: (DecodeJson a) => DecodeJson (NonEmpty Array a) where
decodeJson = decodeNonEmpty_Array decodeJson
instance decodeJsonNonEmptyArray :: (DecodeJson a) => DecodeJson (NonEmptyArray a) where
decodeJson = decodeNonEmptyArray decodeJson
instance decodeJsonNonEmpty_List :: (DecodeJson a) => DecodeJson (NonEmpty List a) where
decodeJson = decodeNonEmpty_List decodeJson
instance decodeJsonNonEmptyList :: (DecodeJson a) => DecodeJson (NonEmptyList a) where
decodeJson = decodeNonEmptyList decodeJson
instance decodeJsonCodePoint :: DecodeJson CodePoint where
decodeJson = decodeCodePoint
instance decodeForeignObject :: DecodeJson a => DecodeJson (FO.Object a) where
decodeJson = decodeForeignObject decodeJson
instance decodeArray :: DecodeJson a => DecodeJson (Array a) where
decodeJson = decodeArray decodeJson
instance decodeList :: DecodeJson a => DecodeJson (List a) where
decodeJson = decodeList decodeJson
instance decodeSet :: (Ord a, DecodeJson a) => DecodeJson (S.Set a) where
decodeJson = decodeSet decodeJson
instance decodeMap :: (Ord a, DecodeJson a, DecodeJson b) => DecodeJson (M.Map a b) where
decodeJson = decodeMap decodeJson decodeJson
instance decodeVoid :: DecodeJson Void where
decodeJson = decodeVoid
instance decodeRecord ::
( GDecodeJson row list
, RL.RowToList row list
) =>
DecodeJson (Record row) where
decodeJson json =
case toObject json of
Just object -> gDecodeJson object (Proxy :: Proxy list)
Nothing -> Left $ TypeMismatch "Object"
class GDecodeJson (row :: Row Type) (list :: RL.RowList Type) | list -> row where
gDecodeJson :: forall proxy. FO.Object Json -> proxy list -> Either JsonDecodeError (Record row)
instance gDecodeJsonNil :: GDecodeJson () RL.Nil where
gDecodeJson _ _ = Right {}
instance gDecodeJsonCons ::
( DecodeJsonField value
, GDecodeJson rowTail tail
, IsSymbol field
, Row.Cons field value rowTail row
, Row.Lacks field rowTail
) =>
GDecodeJson row (RL.Cons field value tail) where
gDecodeJson object _ = do
_field = Proxy :: Proxy field
fieldName = reflectSymbol _field
fieldValue = FO.lookup fieldName object
case decodeJsonField fieldValue of
Just fieldVal -> do
val <- lmap (AtKey fieldName) fieldVal
rest <- gDecodeJson object (Proxy :: Proxy tail)
Right $ Record.insert _field val rest
Nothing ->
Left $ AtKey fieldName MissingValue
class DecodeJsonField a where
decodeJsonField :: Maybe Json -> Maybe (Either JsonDecodeError a)
instance decodeFieldMaybe ::
DecodeJson a =>
DecodeJsonField (Maybe a) where
decodeJsonField Nothing = Just $ Right Nothing
decodeJsonField (Just j) = Just $ decodeJson j
else instance decodeFieldId ::
DecodeJson a =>
DecodeJsonField a where
decodeJsonField j = decodeJson <$> j