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* Add type synonym for affine traversal

* Formulate Index in terms of AffineTraversal'

Sorry for the ugly duplication with At, maybe we want to put them in the same module? Then index i = at i <<< _Just

* Add `AffineTraversal` and `Stall`

* Fix build

* Re-export Stall

* Fix the Index instance of Set

* Really fix the Index instance of Set

* Fix AffineTraversal intro text.

Co-authored-by: Nicholas Scheel <>

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Latest release Build status Pursuit Maintainer: garyb Maintainer: thomashoneyman

Pure profunctor lenses. A mechanism for updating, viewing, and setting values within nested data structures. As in:

> structure = Tuple (Tuple (Tuple "hi!" 3) 2) 1

> import Data.Lens
> _leftmost = _1 <<< _1 <<< _1

> view _leftmost structure

> set _leftmost "Bye!" structure 
(Tuple (Tuple (Tuple "Bye!" 3) 2) 1)

> over _leftmost String.toUpper structure
(Tuple (Tuple (Tuple "HI!" 3) 2) 1)


# with Bower
bower install purescript-profunctor-lenses

# with Spago
spago install profunctor-lenses


Module documentation is published on Pursuit. You can find examples in the tests and the examples directory.

There are other in-depth materials for learning about profunctor optics and lenses in PureScript.


Read the contribution guidelines to get started and see helpful related resources.

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