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Halogen is a type-safe library for building user interfaces in PureScript.

  • Declarative Write simple views for each state in your application, and Halogen will efficiently and intelligently update the right components and re-render your user interface.
  • Component Architecture Write encapsulated components which manage their own state, and compose them together to build complex user interfaces. Or, use a single component to implement an Elm-like architecture.
  • Entirely PureScript Halogen and its virtual DOM implementation are written in PureScript. Halogen's performance and bundle sizes are roughly equivalent to popular JavaScript UI libraries like React and Angular.

Read the documentation to learn how to use Halogen in your own projects.


Install Halogen with Spago:

spago install halogen

Or create a new Halogen app from a template.


You can find the Halogen documentation on the documentation site or in the docs folder. Documentation is divided into several categories:

We also recommend these community resources for learning how to use Halogen in your applications:

There are several ways to get help if you get stuck using Halogen:


This repository contains several self-contained examples, ranging from a basic button to controlling external components.

You may also want to review the Real World Halogen example application, which demonstrates routing, state management, authentication, making requests, and other real world examples with commented explanations.


The main purpose of this repository is to continue evolving Halogen, making it faster and easier to use. Halogen is developed in the open on GitHub and we're grateful for community-contributed bugfixes and improvements.

You can take part in improving Halogen by opening or participating in issues, opening pull requests to add new features, documentation, or tests, and by helping other Halogen users on Discord and Discourse.

License & Credits

Halogen is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. The Halogen logo was designed by Matthew Park.