Documentation for the PureScript language, compiler, and tools.
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Welcome to the PureScript documentation repository!

PureScript is a small, strongly typed programming language that compiles to JavaScript. To get a better overview of PureScript, visit The PureScript Website.

This repository is a collaborative effort, so please feel free to make a pull request to add/edit content or create an issue to discuss it. PureScript is a big project used by people coming from a variety of backgrounds. Making documentation useful to a wide variety of people is really hard to do well, requiring readers like you to point out and add documentation you feel is missing. Thanks for helping!

Project Scope

Topics currently in this repository's scope:

  • PureScript language reference documentation
  • Its compiler errors
  • Core concepts on which the language is based
  • Introduction to package managers and dependency management
  • Comparison with similar languages
  • An introduction to other sources of documentation

Topics currently not in scope:

  • Using PureScript libraries (those docs belong with the corresponding libraries)
  • A PureScript language teaching course (use the PureScript by Example book or other resources)

Feel free to make an issue to discuss amending the scope.

Getting Started


  • The PureScript Book is the recommended approach to learning the language, since it covers more material in greater depth. However, it is not updated yet for the 0.12 version of the compiler.
  • Language Reference






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