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Either use these two:

Or these two, for a more minimal setup:

PSCI support via comint:

Spacemacs users can just use the purescript layer.

Sublime Text 2


VS Code


  • To generate TAGS files, use purs docs --format etags (or --format ctags)

Build tools and package managers

  • Pulp - a standalone build system for PureScript (pulp in npm)
  • psc-package: An experimental package manager for PureScript based on the concept of package sets
  • Purify: Reproducible builds for PureScript
  • Gulp task (gulp-purescript in npm)
  • psvm-js - PureScript Version Manager
  • purs-loader - PureScript loader for WebPack
  • psc-pane - Auto reloading compiler which formats a single error to fit the window
  • purescript-psa - A pretty, flexible error/warning reporting frontend for psc featuring colours, original source spans in errors, warning filtering and persistence.
  • pscid is a lightweight file-watcher/testrunner for PS projects, that uses psc-ide to provide fast rebuilds.