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Pull requests are encouraged, but please open issues before starting to work on something that you intend to make into a PR, so that we can decide if it is a good fit or not.

Finding Issues to Work On

If you would like to contribute, please consider the issues in the current milestone first. If you are a new contributor, you may want to have a go at the "new contributor" issues to get started.

Pull Requests

Please follow the following guidelines:

  • Add at least a test to tests/purs/passing/ and possibly to tests/purs/failing/.
  • Build the binaries and libs with stack build
  • Make sure that all test suites are passing. Run the test suites with stack test.
  • Build the core libraries by running the script in core-tests.


Run all test suites with stack test. You will need npm, bower and node on your PATH to run the tests.

You can run individual test suites using stack test --test-arguments="-p PATTERN" where PATTERN is one of compiler, repl, ide, docs, corefn, or hierarchy.

To build and run a specific test in tests/purs/passing/ or tests/purs/failing/, add test arguments like so:

stack test --fast --test-arguments="-p 1110.purs"

This will run whatever test uses the example file 1110.purs.

Code Review

To prevent core libraries from getting broken, every change must be reviewed. A pull request will be merged as long as one other team member has verified the changes.

Adding Dependencies

Because the PureScript compiler is distributed in binary form, we include the licenses of all dependencies, including transitive ones, in the LICENSE file. Therefore, whenever the dependencies change, the LICENSE file should be updated.

This can be automated; see the license-generator/generate.hs file.

Writing Issues

  • If the issue is actually a question, please consider asking on Reddit, Stack Overflow or IRC first.
  • Please include a minimal, repeatable test case with any bug report.

Copyright and Licensing

For any code change, please append a copyright and licensing notice to the file.

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