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This small release fixes three issues which were introduced in 0.12.4.

Filter out module declarations when suggesting imports (#3591)

When determining candidates for imports, ignore modules. This allows you to easily import types which come from modules of the same name, like Effect. (@kRITZCREEK)

Running purs ide server crashes on macOS (#3594)

Running purs ide server on macOS would immediately crash with the error purs: Network.Socket.listen: unsupported operation (Operation not supported on socket); this has now been fixed. (@f-f)

Take qualification into consideration when determining type class cycles (#3595)

When checking for cycles in type classes, the compiler is now able to distinguish classes which have come from different modules, meaning that e.g. class SomeOtherModule.Foo <= Foo is no longer incorrectly reported as a class having itself as a superclass. (@hdgarrood)

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