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kritzcreek [purs ide] Represent Filters as a datatype rather than functions (#3547)
* remove excessive wrapping from DeclarationType

* [purs ide] Represent Filters as data rather than functions

This allows us to do some reordering and optimizing on the order in
which filters are applied

* fixes the DeclarationTypeFilter tests

* make idePrimDeclarations a Map

* remove unnecessary conversions to List

* use nicer filter constructor

* doc strings, use nicer constructors

* Updates docs

* hide Filter constructors again
Latest commit 029e222 Mar 12, 2019

purs ide

Editor and tooling support for the PureScript programming language.

Setting up your editor

This document will describe how to run purs ide as an editor plugin creator. If you're looking to set up your PureScript development environment consult the documentation repository instead.

Running the Server

Start the server by running the purs ide server [SOURCEGLOBS] executable, where SOURCEGLOBS are (optional) globs that match your PureScript sourcefiles.

It supports the following options:

  • -p / --port specify a port. Defaults to 4242
  • -d / --directory specify the toplevel directory of your project. Defaults to the current directory
  • --output-directory: Specify where to look for compiled output inside your project directory. Defaults to output/, relative to either the current directory or the directory specified by -d.
  • --polling: Uses polling instead of file system events to watch the externs files. This flag is reversed on Windows and polling is the default.
  • --log-level: Can be set to one of "all", "none", "debug" and "perf"
  • --no-watch: Disables the filewatcher
  • --editor-mode: Rather than watch externs files, expect an editor to report changed source files.
  • --version: Output psc-ide version

Issuing queries

After you started the server you can start issuing requests using purs ide client. Make sure you start by loading the modules before you try to query them.

purs ide expects the built externs.json inside the output folder of your project after running pulp build or purs compile respectively.

(If you changed the port of the server you can change the port for purs ide client by using the -p option accordingly)


If you want to know how to send commands/queries to purs ide take a look at

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