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Welcome to the PureScript wiki! This wiki is meant to be a collaborative effort, so please feel free to add/edit content where it is appropriate to do so.


PureScript is a small strongly, statically typed compile-to-JS language with a number of interesting features, such as:

  • Type Inference
  • Higher Kinded Polymorphism
  • Support for basic Javascript types
  • Extensible records
  • Extensible effects
  • Optimizer rules for generation of efficient Javascript
  • Pattern matching
  • Simple FFI
  • Modules
  • Rank N Types
  • Do Notation
  • Tail-call elimination
  • Type Classes



Development Environments


Language Guides

The PureScript Book is the recommended approach to learning the language, since it covers more material in greater depth. There is also a language guide, which is more useful as a reference:

Related Languages