@hdgarrood hdgarrood released this Dec 28, 2017 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Add a "load more" button for display of additional search results
    (@felixSchl, #305)
  • Fix source links in re-exported declarations (@felixSchl, #345)
  • Display the types of data constructors and type class members in search
    results (@hdgarrood, #264)
  • Include entries from Prim in search results (@hdgarrood, #265)
  • Allow data constructors and type class members to be found when searching by
    type (@hdgarrood, #303)
  • Fix searching for type operators by name (@hdgarrood, #330)
  • Slightly promote search results which come from packages with more reverse
    dependencies (@hdgarrood, #353)
  • Fix an issue where any query which included a hyphen would be treated as a
    type, preventing searching by name; this was a problem for queries such as
    e.g. "generics-rep" (@hdgarrood, #321)
  • Take into account whether type variables match when performing type search.
    For example, after this change, map ranks higher than cmap for the query
    "(a -> b) -> f a -> f b"; previously they were equally ranked (@hdgarrood,
  • Add help explaining the search feature (@hdgarrood / @grossbart, #339, #357)