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A google chrome plugin that highlights words or phrases on a page and offers a description when you hover over the word. Edit Add topics Edit Add topics
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To install, navigate to chrome://extensions/ and check the "developer mode" box on the top right then click Load unpacked extention and choose the source/ folder


drag and drop the .crx file into the chrome://extensions/ tab. However, with this method you may have chrome security issues.

Uploading word description pairs

The file you upload into the plugin should be a .json file containing a json object that has key value pairs. for example:

	"word1": "description goes here",
	"word2": "description goes here",
	"phrase goes here": "description goes here",
	"linebreaks": "use a \n to create a line break",
	"links": "you can include hyperlinks, e.g.:"

Any other values or a broken syntactic structure will lead to unknown effects - most likely breaking the functionality of the plugin.

within the description you can place linebreaks with \n and you can place and URLs and they'll be turned to hyperlinks in the plugin.

When the app is first installed, and before a .json file has been uploaded, a default keyword list is used. This list can be found, and editted, in source/contentscript.js

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