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I want to use chrome secure shell on Windows and Mac, but it doesn't satisfy my usual operatic habits. So I improved it by adding more options.

  1. Automatically login to SSH server: I add a new feature that can save the password in the local storage. It will automatically login in a server without typing the password.

  2. Chinese characters typing. (You can use any input methods it depends on your system.)

Demo Video

New Options

The following are the new options that I added for chrome SSH extension.

  • meta-as-ctrl : Map the key command+v to ctrl+v on Mac.
  • ctrl-v-paste-hacky : Force the key ctrl+v to paste content from the clipboard.
  • meta-plus-arrow-switch-tab :
  • ctrl-plus-arrow-switch-tab :
  • enable-input-method: Enable the ime-mode for entering chinese characters. (使用方式為: 先勾選 enable-input-metod,然後就可以在 Terminal 輸入中文,各種輸入法都能使用。)

How to install

  • git clone git@github.com:puritys/chromeSecureShell.git
  • Open the browser chrome and keyin the value "chrome://extensions/" into URL bar.
  • Click the checkbox of developer mode to enable developer mode.
  • Click the button "Load unpacked extension" and choose the directory "chromeSecureShell"

New Features about Official Chrome SSH Client


I can use the following setting of keybindings instead of my hack "ctrl-v-paste-hacky".

  "Meta-c": "'\u0003'"

Chinese typing

Good news. Chrome SSH Client is support chinese typing now, you have to install the version bigger than But it still has some serious bugs, such as wrong cursor position and duplicate double-byte character.

SSH Agent

Google implemented a chrome ssh agent extension, we can use ssh agent instead of my hack save-password.

You could do the following settings to fix some problems.

Install SSH client on Chromium

If you do not believe this repo or your latest Google chrome version is not compatible with the extension. Another option is to install this extension on Chromium. Chromium is the anestor of Google chrome, it is a open source project created by Google and support most features of Google chrome.


本來想建一個新的 SSH Client V2 到 Google Chrome Extension ,但是 SSH Client 有用到一個 Native Plugin 叫 Terminal Private ,這個 Plugin 並不是 public ,所以目前只能用開發者模式來安裝,安裝方式如下。

  • git clone git@github.com:puritys/chromeSecureShell.git
  • 打開瀏覽器,輸入 "chrome://extensions/"。
  • 在右上角,打開開發者模式。
  • 點擊 "載入未封裝程式" ,再選擇資料夾 "chromeSecureShell"。


安裝成功後,請打開 option,我有新加了一些設定,你可以自行決定哪些功能要打開:

  • meta-as-ctrl : 將 Mac 的 command 變成 ctrl ,我習慣將 Mac 的 command 與 ctrl 對調,變成 ctrl+c 中斷功能失效,所以這個功能就是不管 command 還是 ctrl ,都當是成 ctrl。
  • ctrl-v-paste-hacky : 我習慣將 Mac 的 command 與 ctrl 對調,所以新增這個功能,強迫 Ctrl + v 為貼上,剛好負負得正,原 Mac command + v 也會保留貼上功能。
  • meta-plus-arrow-switch-tab : [command + 左右方向鍵],切換 tab
  • ctrl-plus-arrow-switch-tab : [ctrl + 左右方向鍵],切換 tab
  • enable-input-method: 啟用這個功能,就可以在 Terminal 輸入中文,各種輸入法都能使用。

SSH Agent

Google 在 2018 年 01 月,已開發 Chrome ssh agent ,你可以安裝這個 Extension,就能夠使用 Private Key login SSH server.



  • hterm: https://github.com/chromium/hterm
  • Get active Element: window.frames[0].document.activeElement;
  • body event: hterm.ScrollPort.prototype.onBodyKeyDown
  • Show ime input: if (window.frames[0]) { var f = window.frames[0].document.activeElement;} else {var f = window.frames.document.activeLement ;} if (f.tagName=="INPUT") {f.style.height=30; f.style.opacity=1; f.style.width=300;}