An example of how to use Librarian-puppet to manage Puppet modules for a Vagrant box
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This is a little example framework that shows how you can use Librarian-puppet to manage Puppet modules when provisioning a virtual machine managed using Vagrant.


No-one likes re-inventing the wheel, but using existing Puppet modules can be a fiddle unless you use something to manage download and installation. If you're using Vagrant and stand-alone Puppet to manage a VM, it can be even more of a fiddle. Do you clone the modules from various git repositories? Create them as submodules in your own repository? Install them on the host, or on the guest?

Librarian-puppet can help by managing the Puppet modules used by your Vagrant box. But, there is a problem: you can't use Puppet to install Librarian-puppet because your Puppet manifests won't compile until your modules are installed.


The simple solution implemented here uses a shell provisioner in your Vagrant configuration to install and run Librarian-puppet before your Puppet provisioner runs.

How to use

This repository is really just a template; copy the relevant files into your own project. Here's a breakdown of what's required:

  • Vagrantfile - the included example has three important sections:
    • A VirtualBox configuration line to allow symlinking in your Vagrant root
    • A shell provisioner definition
    • A Puppet provisioner definition
  • shell/ - a simple shell provisioner to install and run Librarian-puppet. Note that it requires git to be installed on your VM, so either install it on your basebox or add a line in the shell provisioner to install it; an example is in the file. You also need to configure this script to install Puppet modules in the correct place. By default, it will put them in /etc/puppet.
  • puppet/Puppetfile - configuration describing what Puppet modules to install. See the Librarian-puppet project for details.
  • puppet/manifests/main.pp - your main Puppet manifest.
  • puppet/.gitignore - configured to ignore temporary directories and files created by Librarian-puppet.


Patches and suggestions welcome.


Please raise issues via the github issue tracker.


Please see the LICENSE file.