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Purplebeanie Open Cart Sendy Integration

Sendy is an awesome, self hosted mailing list manager. This extensions allows integration between your OpenCart site and your Sendy mailing list.

##Revision History##

Version Comments
0.1 The initial release and push. Still very primitive.


GPL 2.0. See license.txt.


  1. Install vQMod, by following the instructions.
  2. Upload to your open cart installation using FTP.


This extension has been tested on:

  • Open Cart 1.5.6
  • PHP 5.4 / 5.3
  • vqmod-2.4.1-opencart

You will also need to have curl installed and available for PHP

Using the Extension

Once the extension is installed go to the Extensions->Open Cart Sendy Integration menu item. This will open the Open Cart Sendy Integration Dashboard and configuration options.

It is important to do configuration ASAP as failure to do so may result in mysql errors during the account registration process

![The Sendy Dashboard][configure1]

At present there are only two pieces of data you need to let the system know about:

  1. Your Sendy endpoint - give the URL for the Sendy endpoint without the trailing slash. ie. http://www-your-sendy-endpoint.com.
  2. The hashed and encrypted list ID available from your Sendy brand's Lists page.

[configure1]:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4595431/ocsendyintegration/configure1.jpg width="20cm"